Randox Health is built upon strong foundations of innovative technology and scientific discovery.  Motivated by a desire to improve health, we have developed a range of in-depth health checks designed to give you unrivalled knowledge about your health status.


We are committed to providing you with access to as much personal health data as possible, helping you to keep your health on track.  We strongly believe that understanding your data will motivate you to make changes where necessary and encourage an overall positive approach to your health and lifestyle.


Randox Health provides the world’s most comprehensive full-body health check packages available. Our patented technology enables 100’s of individual tests to be carried out from your sample, giving you truly unrivalled knowledge about your health now and in the future.


Your health matters to us, Randox Health packages provide more than just a health check or assessment they are a full-body health MOT. We are committed to improving healthcare worldwide by identifying and preventing illness and in the process improving overall health and wellbeing. Our high level of health care is achieved by using our advanced diagnostics testing using our Biochip Array Technology we can identify 350 biomarkers within one sample.


Identifying the very first signs and risks of disease could help prevent many health problems. We can provide an extensive test menu with our health check due to the high performance diagnostic test that we run.


Randox Health do this by detecting small changes in your blood. Early identification, paired with expert advice, provides the potential to prevent health problems developing.


Our tests help to identify and prevent: Heart Disease, Hormone Imbalances, Iron Levels, Adrenal & Pituitary Levels, H.Pylori Levels, Kidney Health and many more.


Randox Health
Randox Health
Randox Health


Randox Health is a global leader in healthcare diagnostics; today more than 5% of the world’s population – in excess of 370 million people across 145 countries – receives medical diagnosis using Randox products each year.

Randox Health

Randox Health


With our new mobile clinic, our team can visit you in the comfort of your own home or workplace, on an agreed day or time, offering you a personalised health programme anytime, anywhere!

With a quick and easy appointment to collect your sample, and with just one blood sample, you will not have to waste valuable time travelling to us, we come to you!

Appointments available all over the UK.

Contact us or download our app on IOS or Android today to get started and let us come to you!

Randox Health


Randox Health

Randox Health are very proud to be the Official Partner of the world’s greatest race, the Grand National, and the three-day Grand National Festival staged at Aintree Racecourse outside Liverpool. Find out more here!


Randox Health also becomes the Official Healthcare Partner of The Jockey Club. Founded in 1750 and today British Racing’s largest commercial group, The Jockey Club runs many of the sport’s most iconic assets which as well as the Grand National Festival include the Cheltenham Festival, The Investec Derby Festival and The National Stud, with all profits going back into the sport thanks to being a company incorporated by Royal Charter.